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Last night, my two colleagues and I headed to see Pink’s concert at Rod Laver in Melbourne. Well, what a show it was. And it proved that librarians can let their hair down as much, if not more, than others. Pink thrashed out songs like Stupid Girls, I’m not Dead and Who Knew, leaving us wanting more, especially after her ripper grand finale/encore. Look up You Tube to find some of her footage. It will leave you spell bound ! Plus it was pretty raunchy !

Going to the concert was a great team outing and one way to bond with colleagues in an unconventional work way. I think New Gen people will find new ways to bond, like this.

You glow think Pink Librarians !!


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I have a student coming to undertake her placement in a few weeks. I like to meet the student a week or so before they commence their placement to learn about their background and what interests them in the information field.  I already have a schedule for her regarding some of the work she can undertake. However, I like to leave the schedule flexible as it’s important to work in with what the student themselves want to learn. I don’t want to offer them a circulation duties program when they would prefer to learn about information management. However, I will also give them a range of experience which will include some minimal circulation, to provide as broad an experience in a library as possible. When I meet the student we will also talk about their schedule, I’ll ask them what they would like to learn and where they see themselves in a few years time. Imagination is a good way to launch a career! Imagine where you would like to be in 5 or 10 years time, and work towards that goal (another post one day). During the placements I will also check in with them to see how the schedule is matching their needs and learning and decide if we need to continue with the plan or revise the path they are on. I think flexibility, revision of tasks and thinking about other projects they can undertake, is needed for the work placement supervisor.

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My buzz subject area is student placements. During the financial year of 2005/2006 to 2006/2007, I have hosted the workplacement of 5 students from various educational institutions.

* RMIT University
* Monash University
* Box Hill TAFE
* Swinburne TAFE

During these placements I have maintained a receptiveness to the student’s experience, while also allowing myself to learn about them and their course, to learn what their future holds for them, offer them a tour of other libraries as well as giving them feedback and advice on their resume and job applications. I believe this can make for an enriching experience for both the student and myself.

Programs I have engaged the students in at my library include:

* Being involved in the library refresh program
* Allowing them to create a collection and give the items a dewey number
* Getting them to help with the proposed national electronic library storage area, and then the subsequent work that was needed on various sections
* Participating in meetings with my colleagues to learn about what goes on in meetings
* Undertaking reference queries as they emerge

The next step is HOW to encourage and educate other organisations to have a responsive and positive attitute towards hosting student placements??

How can the industry and the educational professions work better with each other?

How does industry and the educational professions get to know each other better to faciliate an open and complimentary relationship?

How can students benefit from this enhanced relationship?

What other programs do other states participate in?

What is the work placement experience like for students in states other than Victoria?

What sort of programs do libraries offer students? The same each time?
Or is it tailored according to the students own needs?

I can see the emergence of a research program developing here…

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The good news for a brisk start to pre-winter, is that it has started to snow in some of Victorias Alpine Areas, see Mt Hotham’s snow cam. I hope they receive much more snowfall than last year. Last years snowfall levels were in comparison to the drought of about 1982 or 83 (can’t remember which one exactly) and the following year of that drought they had a bumper year.

I don’t know if the snowfall over winter has any correlation to the amount of water that goes into the dams and the Murray River in the spring, but I hope so.

So far the rains haven’t really broken the drought in Victoria. But the countryside has turned green, finally. I don’t remember it being this green last year: personal note: must look at some photos.  I don’t think our grass even grew since December 2005, and I can see over the last few weeks we are already growing a nice patch of lush green grass.

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Harvard Business School has a podcast on their site about Authentic Leadership. Leadership can be learnt or is already instilled in many people, but if it’s not authentic what consequence does this have on staff??

“Leadership should be from the heart” … “leadership can be taught where the leader will gain self-awareness”. Is your leadership style of a giver or a taker? The executive summary on the page gives a definition of each. It seems that charismatic (takers) leadership is not the preferred style anymore, as authentic leaders have proved to be more successful with their staff and organisation as they empower people.

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About me

See my “about” section to learn about me, I won’t go into it here, but will save it for this page.  (23/5 not created yet, but soon)

Also, I’m not going to go back to my beginnings, but start this blog from now, now meaning where I’m up to, my interests and readings at moment in time etc…

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…what is this blog about ? many things, life, thoughts, information, technology, pictures etc, whatever comes to mind.

Why the name? The *InTech* part stands for information technology, *the Verve* is about vibrancy, vitality, expression of ideas. The free dictionary defines it as, ” Energy and enthusiasm in the expression of ideas, especially in artistic performance or composition”. There is also a band called The Verve, but it’s not named after them. However, the name for this blog does have a relation to another artist, Madonna, as one of my favourite let loose songs is, Into the Groove.

Say InTech the Verve and Into the Groove in the same way, and they sound very similar, or maybe it’s my strange sense of humour ?

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