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Drought times

This is not one of my pics, but a friends, taken in March, of the bottom of our dam. I know many people have seen images like this, but for me it’s a record of how bad things have been on our property during the long dry spell, that we are now coming out of. So far, things are looking up, however the meteorologists think it might be many years before our dams fill up. I am sad, as this is my eco pool (a name courtesy of my husband), where I used to swim in summer.  A few months ago, some farmers predicted this would be the wettest winter in 70 years. And many are saying it’s like the wet winters of the 70’s and 80’s. Times that drove many Victorians north to warmers climes like Queensland. So far, look’n good for the ducks.

I sound like a farmer…


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High Country Hut

…it’s time to get away from it all, here’s a pic of high country hut up at Dinner Plain…

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Okay, so all motions were set in place for the Intranet Launch this morning.

My email informing our 270 colleagues of the new intranet was sent at 6.30am (thanks to outlooks’ abilities to schedule when my email will be sent). With a login script ensuring everyones browser opened up with the new intranet address, and all would be happening for them, right in front of their eyes.

I asked the email to send me a “read receipt”, just so I can peek who has opened the email, and so far I have about 140 of them. So that’s more than half the staff who have opened my email and presumably read it.

  1. How many comments have I received about it??
  2. Would there be a buzz in the office for the new intranet launch?
  3. Would the new intranet redesign and frontpage be well received?


  1. 5
  2. No
  3. I don’t quite know

I only received about five emails remarking on the intranet….

Hmmmm, feels like resounding silence.

It’s funny, because I have showed the new intranet to the ILF group this morning. I told them the background of the redesign and that the launch would be happening today, etc etc, well, they all clapped and cheered and loved the new design. I am wondering if an intranet is like the saying “only a face a mother would love”??

I am aware that it’s end of the financial year and a few people have already approached me personally, so I believe I may elicit more feedback through one on one conversations.

An update to happen in the future on this….

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Katy Li from the Ath and Urbis, and Donna Leung have published the second Vic Specials Newsletter for 2007, (June edition) read about the new series coming out this year called “the Librarians”, apparently it was filmed in Melbourne. Also meet the new comic on the block, Josh Earl. Katy has written an article, and I have been interviewed talking about how web 2.o technologies have been imlemented into the Urbis corporate environment.

This edition is packed with great stories, it has a lively vibe and invites readers to send in their library jokes for the chance to win seven prizes.

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Byron Bay Sunset

This is a place I visited alot when growing up. It has changed dramatically since then. It does have moments of serenity where you can feel the true magic of the place. They say the water has healing qualities, thus making this one of the attactions for people to visit and swim here. It used to be an old piggery and abattoir town where the sharks used to come right up to this spot where the photo is taken, and feed on the blood and offal in the ocean. There also used to be a jetty to my right (you can’t see it) going out into the ocean. My grandmother left from here to travel to Sydney for her honeymoon in the 1930’s. People claim some sharks still come back to this spot due to their memory of the area. Well over 10 years ago, it was a place of tragic circumstances due to a very large hungry great white shark, but that might have been a coincidence.

Whatever, this is a place that charms people, in some way.

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My RMIT student started today, and we eased her into life at Urbis. Katy showed her around the two floors, and introduced her to people on our own floor. Then she got her cataloguing, she’s right in there ! First day and picking up the tools.

This afternoon I had some time, in between the Intranet Launch preparation, to show my student a project she can work on while here with us. And that is podcasting library and intranet inductions. She doesn’t need to be an expert in what we do here, but just have the ability to work with Katy and myself to extract the information she needs. I suggested she write down dots point headings, to work out the structure, and to do this on our wiki and then to invite Katy and myself to fill in the gaps. If the induction is fleshed out on the wiki, we’ll then be able to easily make a transcript and then record someones voice (eek, not mine, but afraid it might be).

I also suggested that she might look at other libraries who are doing the same thing, like RMIT Library. And then scout our the public libraries who have Web 2.0 initiatives to get more ideas for our podcasting service.

So it’s good to see that project rolling along.

 Oh, she even went for a tour of the Athenaeum Library so she can see library life from another angle.

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Twister at Balliang

A few weeks ago there was a twister at Balliang , just out the back of the You Yangs, near where we live.

People in Little River, about 20 kilometers away reported hearing the sound of two gun shots at around 3pm that day, but they did not know the cause of it until they saw the Twister mentioned on the news that night.

My husband drives through that way now and then and has noticed a lot of small whirlies when he’s in the Balliang area, so it must be prone to that sort of wind activity, to the North of the You Yangs.

It makes a super picture and you can see the tinge of green returning to the country side, that I mentioned in an earlier post.

This twister did not make a rating on the Bureau of Meteorology’s twister rating/category/thingey, so it must have been under 100km/h or so.

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