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Evening journey home…

My trip home from the city this afternoon was quite different with rain hitting as I left the office. (you can tell that this is unusual and we are still in a drought or coming out of a drought) Huddled under my umbrella at the tram stop, I was confident I wouldn’t get too wet. I think, I was lucky. Others weren’t so much.

On my 15 minute or so trip from the top of Collins Street down to Southern Cross Station caused many “oohs and aaaahs” for all the tram travellers. What did we see? a woman with a baby and an umbrella in the teeming rain, an elderly worker wet to the skin in his work suit, an alternate guy at a tram stop without a shelter who was also wet to the core, and then, a car driving alongside the tram, splashing water up onto the windows where I was sitting ! Wow and wow.

Plus, I made it onto Channel 9 news (someone else has said C7, so am not sure, maybe both), but didn’t see it on TV. Oh well. The scene, was of me walking over the road, through shin deep water, near Southern Cross Train Station, umbrella up, high heel shoes in hand, laughing – LOL’ing very much. !! It was such a funny afternoon. Here are some pics for you to view. Tania, this will make you ROFLMAO

city-flood-2.jpg city-flood-3.jpg




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The NLS4 Team is humming along and we have made alot of progress over the last few months, including:

  • Confirming the date and venue, December 5th and 6th 2008 at CQ Functions, in Melbourne, Victoria
  • An email subscription list to stay up to date
  • Launched the call for Abstracts, to get people thinking over their Christmas break
  • Announced the Patron Competition, listing the Patrons for our Conference, Roxanne Missingham and Anne-Marie Schwirtlich
  • We also had a new committee member join, Welcome ! Margie Anderson, who is the Victorian Local Liason Officer – ALIA
  • We are using Flickr as our photos host site. Gem is our guru on Flickr. I myself find it a bit frustrating, but hope to learn more about it next year. I did manage to put the Flickr graphic onto our page.

BTW, some of this info comes from out News Page  and we also have an RSS Feed, which I am just starting to master !

I’m going to have a nice break over Xmas, all pumped and ready for more website edits in 2008 ! And I’ll also consider what other sorts of Web 2.0 technologies we can introduce to the site.

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As promised, here is the link to the “Leap into Leadership” workshop to be held on Friday 29th Feb at the State Library of Victoria ! http://www.alia.org.au/groups/aliavic

With the amount of queries I’m fielding it’s sure to fill quickly. There are 64 places, so why not shout yourself a Christmas Present for 2008!

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New Staff … welcome Meredith

Katy, my trusty Library Technician at Urbis of one and a half years left our library last week, to firstly go to Honkers for a holiday and then start her new position at Whitehorse City Council in a new role, created just for her, as a Youth Services Librarian. There she will be creating and presenting programs for Youth as well as using her first language skills of Mandarin (think I got that right?).

So, last Friday it was Bye to Katy.

However, on the Wednesday I received permission to advertise for Katy’s position, which I did on a number of email lists, ALIA Lib Tech and within RMIT University’s student email list. Within a matter of a few days, I had received 35 applicants.! An outstanding result.

The applicants had a mix of either Library Tech quals or impending higher education studies. And it was hard to select the applicant as the field was so good. However, we offered the position to Meredith and she joined us on Wednesay, less than one week after we advertised. I was impressed with the speediness of the appointment. It was interesting to note that most of the applicants were unemployed, or had just finished a temp job and were looking for further employment. I’d love to evaluate this further to see how many are actually unemployed etc, but time constraints do not permit me to do this.

I did write to those applicants who were unsuitable, and many thanked me for taking the time to write back to them and give them feedback. They commented that they apply for other positions and just hear nothing back (mental note for all you employers out there). I split the group between :

  • those who I replied to as the position being filled,
  • with the other group, the position was filled but I’d like to keep your resume and share it with another Librarian in the industry who needs some resumes as well.

Meredith has been with us for three days now and has settled in well and is already onto cataloguing and keeping the library tidy ! Welcome Meredith ! You will get to meet her next year.

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Leap into Leadership

The program that a few of us fellow Victorian Aurorians have been working on has been announced. The registration form won’t be available till next week, but these details are available to get you thinking about attending. It’s going to be a very informative and engaging session. Read more below.


Leap into Leadership in 2008

What are you doing with your extra day in 2008, February 29?

Would you like to spend it participating in an introductory leadership workshop, whilst being exposed to the knowledge and wisdom of many leaders in the library and information industry?

A group of fellow Victorian Aurorians have put together a cost recovery workshop for you to, “Leap into Leadership” that allows you to gain an experience to drive your leadership learning further.

The workshop will be led by distinguished Victorian based facilitator Greg Cook, who has conducted leadership training for the State Library of Victoria and various Public Library Services across Victoria.

There will be a panel session where some noteable (to be announced soon) leaders from a variety of library sectors will share their personal insights on leadership with you.

The aims of the workshop are to:

  • provide a framework to assist participants to identify their own leadership styles;
  • provide role models by having a panel of highly experienced leaders talk about their leadership;
  • provide opportunity for participants to work in small groups to discuss and consolidate their learning with the support of experienced leaders.

The workshop is aimed at participants who are new to leadership and wish to develop their leadership style. This is a rare opportunity to learn about leadership with respected industry leaders and a highly qualified facilitator.

Librarians, Library Technicians, recent graduates and students from ALL sectors are encouraged to participate.

Other important details:

When: 29th Februrary 2008

Where: State Library of Victoria

Time: 8.30 for 9am sharp start – till about 5pm

Cost: $130 for ALIA Members and $172 for Non ALIA Members

There will be a registration form AVAILABLE Next Week (from Mon Dec 17). A link to the registration form will will be emailed to the e-lists as well.

Participant numbers are limited, so you will need to apply quickly

The venue has been kindly sponsored by the State Library of Victoria

Workshop Organisers: Margie Anderson, Tania Barry, Chris Kelly, Paula Kelly, Beth McKenzie, Jill Stephens, Michelle Thomason – the workshop is run under the ALIA Victoria Banner

For more information: email: Jill Stephens – jillcstephens@gmail.com.nospam (remove the no spam) – Subject: Leap into Leadership Workshop

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Apologies for being a bit quiet on the writing side lately. So much has been happening, but I just haven’t been sitting down to the computer to make a summary.

What’s been going on?

  • For the last few months I have been working with a group of Melbourne Aurorians to develop a small one day leadership taster course, to be held at the State Library on 29th Feb 2008, more details to hit the email lists soon, but it’s an opportunity to get people to further develop their leadership potential, and there will be guest speakers who will share their leadership experiences with the group. I will also list the details on this site when it’s ready for announcement.
  • The NLS4 Conference preparations are coming along nicely. Recently we announced the Conference Venue and Date of 5th and 6th December 2008, so we are on the less than 12 months countdown. The “guess the patron” competition was also announced, with photos of the patrons going on our “news” site. Subscribe to the RSS feed to stay up to date. As there is another announcement coming next week. The NLS4 team truly is an inspiration, and I feel very lucky to be a part of this exciting conference team.
  • I attended the two day Intranet Leadership Forum in Sydney. The 2 day workshop helped me to get my spark “mojo” back for the Intranet. Of late, the library has been receiving alot of my focus, so it was good to knuckle into intranets and hear other peoples experiences. At the end of the workshop, I listed 4 items I’d like to work on, on our intranet in 2008. This is a great way to kick off 2008 with momentum! Some of the items included: possibly put an A-Z index on the intranet to immediately help staff to find information, implement wikis onto the portals so staff can edit the portals themselves, and implement search or a CMS?
  • I had a gathering of my staff, ex staff and students. I’m getting a collection now and it’s great to see them all meeting up and getting along to exchange information and ideas and to create their own new networks.
  • students-and-staff.jpg

We have, back left to right, Katy, Vanessa and Jill (me)
Front, left to right, Alison, Sue and Cristian

  • Katy left Urbis. Sob sob, she has been such an inspiration to work with. And she works like a machine, hence, we call her that now. She’ll be missed at Urbis and the Athenaeum Library, but Whitehorse City Council is soon to benefit from her enthusiasm and skills. Stay in touch Katy !


  • On a personal note, my husband spent all year making me / us a large bedroom out the back of our house, with ensuite and walk in wardrobe, we moved in a few weeks ago, and I love it !!

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