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It seemed like it would take forever for this time to arrive, but it soon caught up, and I have now commenced the first day of my “new life” as a ??? maternity leave person? impending mother? ummm, I’m not quite sure how to word it. I don’t want to use the words housewife…I still have my “other” library interests and activities to keep me involved in my career, such as the NLS website. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll get right into the swing of things.

Today, I have already updated the “exciting news” on our NLS website, and have looked after the concreters who are here working away.

I had a fantastic farewell at Urbis this week, it actually started last friday with a joint lunch, with another person who was leaving. I preferred to undertake a “joint” event as it took the “heat” off myself. Many people gave me lots of lovely gifts for the baby, stuff that makes you go gooey and imagine the little one wearing or using once they arrive. And on the last day my boss did a wonderful speech rounding up the library and intranet services and their progress from when I started at Urbis, close to 3 years ago, to how they look and work now ! I felt tired after reflecting on all that. It’s good that Ian and Ignatius are now taking over the services, they can look at them from “fresh” eyes and implement further changes, progression and development.

So, here is the Urbis Technology & Knowledge Team, some of us.

L-R: Ian, Ignatius, Johan, Me – Jill, Andrew and Adriana

Geelong Library Event

Last week I went to a Geelong Library and Information Week event, and it was good to connect with some of our regional counterparts. I had to be careful when I said, “I work in the city”, because that doesn’t mean, “I work in Melbourne”, most thought Geelong, so I needed to clarify. When I asked them why there hadn’t been an event for a while they mentioned that it “all got too complicated with ALIA”. But I don’t think a group needs ALIA to get like minded librarians together from a variety of organisations, so I do hope they keep meeting up. It will be good for myself, and easier to get to, than going to Melbourne during the next year. I was amazed I knew so many people, before I went I knew I’d know two people, but when I got there I knew about 6 people and a few others had heard of me through the ALIA lists. It was good to get chatting to people to talk library talk I hadn’t done for a while, such as document delivery and talk about the progression of those services through the use of technologies. So, I think I have found one way I can keep up to date with my profession while out of the workplace.

Anyway, I’m off to keep on with Day 1 of my new direction.

Thanks bloggers and blogging readers for making comments on some previous posts, it’s good to stay in touch.


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Seems like Kathryn had a blogging reflection day on Sunday as well, and she has noticed her posts are slowing down. As I have noticed many blogs are doing the same (see blog list in right hand column). I find Kathryn and others blog posts highly interesting and informative, I learn about new library or general technologies, what other library interests others have, I connect with librarians who I have never met personally (I met a few of you at Beyond the Hype, which was great) and being a soon-2-be stay at home Mum, it will allow me to stay connected with the library community.

I don’t want to stop blogging as I don’t want my blog to become a “fad”. I have tried facebook and am still on it, but I value blogging as being somewhere that my profile can develop and gain a personality of it’s own. Where I find facebook easier for chatting with others. To me my blogis a record of what I have done / progressed in my library career and how I have done it. It could possibly develop into some research or a PD or, as it has some back ground information that could develop into a potential Phd, that I may tackle, one day.

Some bloggers post every two months or so, but I enjoy reading what they are up to, not matter how infrequent they post, and I know they will come back and submit a post, when it’s their time. So, I guess this blogging thing is about finding your mojo, and realising it can be like exercise (like Kathryn has said) and that at times it may be neglected, but as long as you are getting enjoyment out of it, it’s good to keep your posts up, because not only do you benefit but your general library community does. Overall, it’s up to the blog owner to decide when it’s fate is up. If you do, I know we’ll meet up in other ways.

Let’s see if other bloggers discuss this issue further.

Or, you could try the 20 questions Kathryn has listed on her blog.

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Blogging Quiet

Hi there dedicated blog reader,

I have been pretty blogging quiet of late, so quiet, I haven’t written a post since Feb this year !! Crikey. I do note a few other blogs becoming quieter and one popular blog – Blisspix – has left the building. Blisspix, my fellow Aurorian Sheriff has decided to wind down her blog and focus on other library / semantic web concentrated work and blogs. Blisspix, I’ll miss you !!

I am wondering if other blogs will wind up? I have even questioned the value of mine, now that my career / lifestyle direction is changing, but I hope to focus on other extra curricular issues and blog about them. There still seems to be a readership of my blog out there, as I’m sure the statistics don’t lie. So, I will aim to keep intech the verve up and happening.

What’s been going on of late??

One really side splitting moment was seeing “Librarian Idol” perform at the Butterfly Club. Mind you, I am on a conference committee with Andrew Finegan, aka Librarian Idol, but had not met him yet ! This this virtual world is amazing.

My first impression of him in person was of side splitting laughter that could be heard by all at the concert. Andrew took me on such a journey of his profession, his Australian Idol experience, littered with so many funny librarianism jokes, that non library people would also be sure to get the jokes. Andrew, we want you to come back, and perform for a huge group of Librarians in Melbourne. Maybe we could book out the Athenaeum’s Theatre?? See this You Tube clip to see what Andrew is about.

During the last three months our Leap into Leadership group delivered the Leap day at the State Library of Victoria (thanks to the group who helped me in the last month, when it was difficult for me to get through the work), I have travelled to Bali for a wedding, employed a new Library Technician, Adriana Everett, as Meredith was poached by another group at Urbis, started winding up my job and employed my maternity leave replacement, Ian Rossiter, who starts tomorrow, at Urbis !! Welcome Ian. I will shadow Ian for two days a week, over the next few weeks, and then I go into a period of 8 weeks of rest before the newborn arrives !! I’ll post some pics on this site soon.

I am really looking forward to the next few months, I can focus on the NLS4 Website, my husbands work website which is about 2 years old, finalise my ALIA PD and possibly send it in for recognition, clean up the house in prep for a new kitchen, do the filing and get my tax done.

Thanks for being such a dedicated blog reader, it’s much appreciated and I will be back sooner, rather than later.

Also it would be good if you could send me your comments about what you think I can blog on…


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