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Just over one week down, of being a “stay at home preggers person” and all is going well. I don’t think I would have enjoyed being “stranded at home” (those close to me know what this means) if it wasn’t for the varied activities I had planned. One that is keeping my mind challenged, is the NLS4 Website developments.

I am learning further about tables, linkages between pages and basically getting the HTML to do what I want it to do. I have tackled, successfully, the program, which in my mind was a big job. It did take time, but I worked on one problem at a time, finding it all fell into place very quickly. The program page is not launched yet, but will be in the next week or so. I enjoyed doing the abstracts page and seeing the rich and varied papers that will be presented, from a variety of sectors, makes me feel very proud to be a part of this team!!

Registration has been delayed a bit due to technical reasons, but we have announced our first keynote speaker, do go to the site and check out the News Page.

Another joy is that I have been able to get back into is cooking. I enjoyed doing home science at school, all those years ago, and when not at school, I would tussle with my Mum in the kitchen, and cook up a few things. So, this last week has seen the chef extr-ordinaire (oh, can’t spell it !) come out – again ! I’d love to do a cooking class over a few months, but we’ll see if / when I get time for that. As a part of our Urbis Team Day a few years ago, we went to a Thai cooking class and I believed I came home feeling more confident when cooking, so classes can help. However, when we were in Bali, I refused to pay $100 for a few hours one morning, as in Australia, I know I could do a few nights of a course, for that much.

So, all is not doom and gloom, being a stay at home person. It can give you time to get through some items that have been in “waiting” for a while, or opening up some hobbies that have also been shelved, such as photography. Also, I must remember to do my ALIA Pd and get that accredited…


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