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…gee, I have just found some old library photos and have realised the funny lengths I have gone to, to promote my library and it’s services.

I am a true believer that libraries must promote themselves to the maximum of their abilities to show patrons what services they offer.

The first photo of myself with a barcode on my head is an informal photo taken as a joke.
The second one I found amongst all my old photos, so I must have been trying to be funny when it comes to promoting library services. I don’t recall this one being used to promote my library, formally.

The third photo from the left, was used to promote my national library service to all of my clients. The ad actually worked and I found more people ringing me for information searching after this initiative was launched.
The last photo, second column was used to promote myself within the Melbourne Office as many staff didn’t know where I sat, it was aimed to take the mickey out of me, to show I’m fun and “at your service”, of which, this promotion also had an increased use in my services.

Therefore, it pays to lose some humility and promote yourself and your library, show that you are NOT invisible within an organisation and let people know you are there to help them with their information needs.

What sort of quirky information promotion have you undertaken in your service?

Does my promotion ideas give you any ideas you could use or do?

Goodluck !!


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Gosh, things have progressed very quickly for me. In the last few months or so, I have been deciding to return to work, and also been trying to gauge the sort of job I will have that will “re launch” my career.

It seemed that after a 3 year break, that there were some barriers towards me entering the workforce. This had been lightly mentioned in interviews I have had when I went for senior positions. But luckily, the people called me back, I was turned down on the jobs as other people had “more direct experience”. But I was offered casual work.

I commenced at a public library and was extremely happy with the induction program they ran and the lovely staff they had onboard. I was happy to continue with this work, till…the telephone rings from a University situated in the same area. I went in for a chat not knowing if this was a “mini” interview, a thorough razzing or something informal.

Well, it ended up being “very” informal, lively, fun, informative, and embracing. On the spot, I was offered the job AND “can you start tomorrow”. Woah, I have never been in this situation before.

Firstly, the work sounded much more interesting, challenging, a learning experience and somewhere where all my library training could come to the fore.

After the first two days, I have realised that I have made the right decision. All the the library learning HAS come back and it’s now consolidated as I’m doing ordering, looking at Marc records, transferring files to vendors or finance, downloading information, keeping and adjusting records, liaising with librarians and vendors and I’m LOVING being back with a library team !!!

After some time thinking if I’d taken some steps back in my career by dedicating the last 3 years to my son, I have now let my skills come to fore, to give my life some “work life balance.”

I love you Ronan, but I also need to use my brain !! 🙂 It’s all working out just fine.

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