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…but not from playing computer games or anything of the like, but actually doing some physical work on a Dingo, moving mulch onto my garden. It has been a bit of a week in the Stephens’ household, so it’s been a welcome relief to do some physical work to put behind the goings on that gave us a bit of shake.

So what has happened, other than seeing Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the Regent Theatre, which was a highlight of my year, was that my husband was riding his motorbike and had a bingle with a car. Luckily, all is good and he just has a very sore left side of his body. He’s now resting and is being a good patient.  Hence, I scored the job of driving the dingo to move the mulch. It was a pretty twitchy device to drive and you need to use your thumbs to make it move forward or backward, and then lift the bucket up and down. It also made me think alot as I had to master the way it drove, and it’s not as easy as driving a car or a ride on lawnmower. Overall I think I did a pretty good job, but it took me about 4 hours to do the work, and my brother in law finished it off and moved much more than I did in about 2 hours !! Oh well, it’s still good to do some work like that as it takes my mind off the little bingle and then gets life happening again!


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