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As I mentioned in the previous post, I saw Priscilla Queen of the Desert with groovy Librarians from the Ath Library, with Norma, Anna, Katy, Donna and Jill B. Donna also has a great posting about the musical.

Being a true Priscilla fan, I have seen the movie many times and have listened to the music till I got scratches in the CD, I wondered how the musical would stand up. At first it seemed to be alot of loud music and not much happening, while they were building up the story. I wasn’t too keen on the first lead character, but as they brought out the next two, I could see it forming up. The scene that won me was the one where Felicia came on stage with his four boy/men dancers !! Ooooh, what a scene. I was hooked.

The background was amazing and truly brought out many Australian scenes, including Sydney, Broken Hill, Cooper Pedy, the Desert and then Alice Springs. I won’t tell you what happens but it’s pretty awesome and very convincing.

The funny thing that did happen was that some of the cast came down and asked people to dance with them, two ladies beside me declined the offer and I, slurping on my daquiri with glowing lights in the stem of my glass, jumped up and said “I’ll do it”, thinking we’d be dancing in the isle. Ooooooh, NO !! We were going on stage. So, about 15 audience members and myself were doing the pride of Erin on stage, then the chook dance and then twirling around in two large circles. So that seems to be my claim to fame, dancing on the Regent’s stage during a musical.

The ending was a true highlight, where they introduced many elements of Australia-ana onto the stage…but I won’t ruin it, go see it.


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Last night, my two colleagues and I headed to see Pink’s concert at Rod Laver in Melbourne. Well, what a show it was. And it proved that librarians can let their hair down as much, if not more, than others. Pink thrashed out songs like Stupid Girls, I’m not Dead and Who Knew, leaving us wanting more, especially after her ripper grand finale/encore. Look up You Tube to find some of her footage. It will leave you spell bound ! Plus it was pretty raunchy !

Going to the concert was a great team outing and one way to bond with colleagues in an unconventional work way. I think New Gen people will find new ways to bond, like this.

You glow think Pink Librarians !!

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