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Evening journey home…

My trip home from the city this afternoon was quite different with rain hitting as I left the office. (you can tell that this is unusual and we are still in a drought or coming out of a drought) Huddled under my umbrella at the tram stop, I was confident I wouldn’t get too wet. I think, I was lucky. Others weren’t so much.

On my 15 minute or so trip from the top of Collins Street down to Southern Cross Station caused many “oohs and aaaahs” for all the tram travellers. What did we see? a woman with a baby and an umbrella in the teeming rain, an elderly worker wet to the skin in his work suit, an alternate guy at a tram stop without a shelter who was also wet to the core, and then, a car driving alongside the tram, splashing water up onto the windows where I was sitting ! Wow and wow.

Plus, I made it onto Channel 9 news (someone else has said C7, so am not sure, maybe both), but didn’t see it on TV. Oh well. The scene, was of me walking over the road, through shin deep water, near Southern Cross Train Station, umbrella up, high heel shoes in hand, laughing – LOL’ing very much. !! It was such a funny afternoon. Here are some pics for you to view. Tania, this will make you ROFLMAO

city-flood-2.jpg city-flood-3.jpg




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If you had of told me on Saturday night at about 6pm, that our dam would fill up and our property would be flooded with water on Sunday morning, I would have told you you were crazy, and that it would not happen! Well, we rushed out and redirected some of the tank water in case the heavens did open and made the necessary plans.

And, well, it happened. The Bureau said we’d get about 25mm of rain, but our rain guage holds 70mm and it was overflowing ! Shock horror.

Here’s a pic to give you an idea of the deluge we received.

flood-1.jpg flood-2.jpgflood-3.jpgflood-4.jpg

Yes, you will notice in the third photo, that is our jetty underwater. We have found the frogs are now making their happy noises in the drains and my husband found a yabby (freshwater crayfish) under the house, who might have been escaping the water overload.

Here are the pictures of our dam in March this year,

I have a great feeling inside to know that we have some relief from the drought. I

think I might go and pull the canoe out this afternoon.

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Drought Gauge


I had intended to use our dam as a gauge as to the state of the drought, but it seems that no sooner had I decided this, but the dam filled up within a few days. Okay, okay, I have my farmer Jill hat on again, but I think it’s imperative to our lives to have some interest in the state of our environment. I won’t give a lecture here, or rabbit on about it. I posted an earlier photo of the state of our dam in March, and it remained that way till last week. As I mentioned, the papers were trying to whip up more media frenzy by saying they wouldn’t fill for another few years, hence, the media was wrong, yet again. I thought it would be good to record that Melbourne might possibly be moving out of a drought it has experienced for over 10 years, but how do you really measure that?

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Drought times

This is not one of my pics, but a friends, taken in March, of the bottom of our dam. I know many people have seen images like this, but for me it’s a record of how bad things have been on our property during the long dry spell, that we are now coming out of. So far, things are looking up, however the meteorologists think it might be many years before our dams fill up. I am sad, as this is my eco pool (a name courtesy of my husband), where I used to swim in summer.  A few months ago, some farmers predicted this would be the wettest winter in 70 years. And many are saying it’s like the wet winters of the 70’s and 80’s. Times that drove many Victorians north to warmers climes like Queensland. So far, look’n good for the ducks.

I sound like a farmer…

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The good news for a brisk start to pre-winter, is that it has started to snow in some of Victorias Alpine Areas, see Mt Hotham’s snow cam. I hope they receive much more snowfall than last year. Last years snowfall levels were in comparison to the drought of about 1982 or 83 (can’t remember which one exactly) and the following year of that drought they had a bumper year.

I don’t know if the snowfall over winter has any correlation to the amount of water that goes into the dams and the Murray River in the spring, but I hope so.

So far the rains haven’t really broken the drought in Victoria. But the countryside has turned green, finally. I don’t remember it being this green last year: personal note: must look at some photos.  I don’t think our grass even grew since December 2005, and I can see over the last few weeks we are already growing a nice patch of lush green grass.

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