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High Country Hut

…it’s time to get away from it all, here’s a pic of high country hut up at Dinner Plain…


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The good news for a brisk start to pre-winter, is that it has started to snow in some of Victorias Alpine Areas, see Mt Hotham’s snow cam. I hope they receive much more snowfall than last year. Last years snowfall levels were in comparison to the drought of about 1982 or 83 (can’t remember which one exactly) and the following year of that drought they had a bumper year.

I don’t know if the snowfall over winter has any correlation to the amount of water that goes into the dams and the Murray River in the spring, but I hope so.

So far the rains haven’t really broken the drought in Victoria. But the countryside has turned green, finally. I don’t remember it being this green last year: personal note: must look at some photos.  I don’t think our grass even grew since December 2005, and I can see over the last few weeks we are already growing a nice patch of lush green grass.

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