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Byron Bay Sunset

This is a place I visited alot when growing up. It has changed dramatically since then. It does have moments of serenity where you can feel the true magic of the place. They say the water has healing qualities, thus making this one of the attactions for people to visit and swim here. It used to be an old piggery and abattoir town where the sharks used to come right up to this spot where the photo is taken, and feed on the blood and offal in the ocean. There also used to be a jetty to my right (you can’t see it) going out into the ocean. My grandmother left from here to travel to Sydney for her honeymoon in the 1930’s. People claim some sharks still come back to this spot due to their memory of the area. Well over 10 years ago, it was a place of tragic circumstances due to a very large hungry great white shark, but that might have been a coincidence.

Whatever, this is a place that charms people, in some way.


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Sunset in the West

I have a fascination for sunsets, so you will be seeing some on this page..


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