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 I mentioned in an earlier post that I met up with an old student of mine, Lizzy Player, in Bangkok, Thailand. Mind you, I had a funny tummy and couldn’t stomach anything. So Lizzy and my husband got to indulge in Thai food while I attempted not to watch.

We still did a bit of a tiny pub crawl, firstly hitting a place called Cheap Charlies. Which is basically a pub on the street where all the ex pats and tourists hit. And yes, it’s cheap but also full of lots of ephemeral stuff that would cause any small child to have nightmares. But it adds to the attraction of the place. Below is a pic of us at CC’s.

Cheap Charlies

Anyway, view below and you will see what I’m on about.

Thanks Lizzy for a great catch up !! You are a gem ! And it’s good to throw out the image of librarians as being shhhhhhhhh people, as this catch up was one to remember. Librarians rock in Bangkok !



Yeeeees, the restaurant is called, Cabbages and Condoms !!


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How could we measure the skill outcomes of student placements? As I don’t seem to think it is really done in a succinct way. Maybe there is a reason for that.

The story I have in my post from my past student, Vanessa Lastrina, (A 3rd years experience so far) actually extracts some skills she has learnt, which includes:

  • Dublin Core
  • Extranets
  • Intranet
  • Thesaurus Construction
  • Databases
  • Cataloguing – including websites
  • Metadata
  • Ultranet
  • Gateway
  • Content Management System

This is a list derived from Vanessa’s own learning. It has got me thinking about whether educational institutions should assess their students learning by checking off the list as well as getting students to write their diary and complete a project. I think it would also be great for their resume as they can list what they have learnt in the workplace. Not sure what others think about this?

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My buzz subject area is student placements. During the financial year of 2005/2006 to 2006/2007, I have hosted the workplacement of 5 students from various educational institutions.

* RMIT University
* Monash University
* Box Hill TAFE
* Swinburne TAFE

During these placements I have maintained a receptiveness to the student’s experience, while also allowing myself to learn about them and their course, to learn what their future holds for them, offer them a tour of other libraries as well as giving them feedback and advice on their resume and job applications. I believe this can make for an enriching experience for both the student and myself.

Programs I have engaged the students in at my library include:

* Being involved in the library refresh program
* Allowing them to create a collection and give the items a dewey number
* Getting them to help with the proposed national electronic library storage area, and then the subsequent work that was needed on various sections
* Participating in meetings with my colleagues to learn about what goes on in meetings
* Undertaking reference queries as they emerge

The next step is HOW to encourage and educate other organisations to have a responsive and positive attitute towards hosting student placements??

How can the industry and the educational professions work better with each other?

How does industry and the educational professions get to know each other better to faciliate an open and complimentary relationship?

How can students benefit from this enhanced relationship?

What other programs do other states participate in?

What is the work placement experience like for students in states other than Victoria?

What sort of programs do libraries offer students? The same each time?
Or is it tailored according to the students own needs?

I can see the emergence of a research program developing here…

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