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Seems like Kathryn had a blogging reflection day on Sunday as well, and she has noticed her posts are slowing down. As I have noticed many blogs are doing the same (see blog list in right hand column). I find Kathryn and others blog posts highly interesting and informative, I learn about new library or general technologies, what other library interests others have, I connect with librarians who I have never met personally (I met a few of you at Beyond the Hype, which was great) and being a soon-2-be stay at home Mum, it will allow me to stay connected with the library community.

I don’t want to stop blogging as I don’t want my blog to become a “fad”. I have tried facebook and am still on it, but I value blogging as being somewhere that my profile can develop and gain a personality of it’s own. Where I find facebook easier for chatting with others. To me my blogis a record of what I have done / progressed in my library career and how I have done it. It could possibly develop into some research or a PD or, as it has some back ground information that could develop into a potential Phd, that I may tackle, one day.

Some bloggers post every two months or so, but I enjoy reading what they are up to, not matter how infrequent they post, and I know they will come back and submit a post, when it’s their time. So, I guess this blogging thing is about finding your mojo, and realising it can be like exercise (like Kathryn has said) and that at times it may be neglected, but as long as you are getting enjoyment out of it, it’s good to keep your posts up, because not only do you benefit but your general library community does. Overall, it’s up to the blog owner to decide when it’s fate is up. If you do, I know we’ll meet up in other ways.

Let’s see if other bloggers discuss this issue further.

Or, you could try the 20 questions Kathryn has listed on her blog.


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Hi there happy readers / bloggers,

Happy New Year !! Yes, this is my first blog for 2008, and I feel terrible that it’s already February, but I have been contemplating the content for this blog this year. However, a few bloggers have commented that they love my blog – thanks for that – and I’ll keep continuing on my merry way and stop the procastination and evaluation.

2008 is going to be a biggie, it’s already been big, with Feb being the climax of some important work at Urbis. We are implementing a search engine on our Intranet, and since we don’t have one yet and I have never implemented a search engine, it’s a *real* learning curve. You know, I know all the academic terms of keywords, best bets, synonyms and metadata, but to actually knuckle in there and do the work, weeelllll, that’s a toughie. How to start?? Do a bit of planning with the Intranet Team, well done team, you are ACE ! we did some card sorting with terms and synonyms using post it notes, boy, did we cover two walls in a room! And then…during the next few weeks, myself and the team are doing the hard yards.

Today our graphic designer also showed us the intranet frontpage redesign, which we’ll launch with the search engine, on Friday February 29 ! The day I’m at a Leap into Leadership workshop, a group of us have devised together. Last time we had an intranet launch and I was also out of the office, so 2nd time around it’s okay, as last time the “big bang” theory of mine didn’t happen. I can always make a phone call to check in and see if there has been any comment by staff.

What else is happening in 2008?

  • I’m presenting at a ALIES Conference in March on Web 2.0 Technologies we are using at Urbis
  • I”ve just been to beyond the hype, Web 2.0 Conference in Brisbane, I hope to blog on that
  • Leap into Leadership at the State Library of Victoria on 29th Feb.
  • Oh, and not to forget the NLS4 Conference in Melbourne, December this year

There have been other things I’d like to do, but have had to take it a bit easier and say no to some things to ensure I’m not doing too much.

So, why the slower-ness of my pace?? Well…I’m nearly 4 months pregnant ! SO am taking a change in my career, from being full time worker / career focussed person, to focussing my life on a new little person whose about to enter the Stephens’ life. I have been contemplating whether to blog this news as I don’t want the little one to become a “Truman Show” extrodinaire (sorry about the spelling), but I will aim to give you a balanced view of my change in life. And yes, there is a small bump forming now. So it”s all becoming very real. One other blogger commented that they couldn’t get off the couch during their pregnancy, as seriously, they are all very different, so I guess I am achieving alot considering I”m carrying a little one.

I”m off to watch some spicks and specks, but will aim to be back sooner, rather than later !

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The NLS4 Team is humming along and we have made alot of progress over the last few months, including:

  • Confirming the date and venue, December 5th and 6th 2008 at CQ Functions, in Melbourne, Victoria
  • An email subscription list to stay up to date
  • Launched the call for Abstracts, to get people thinking over their Christmas break
  • Announced the Patron Competition, listing the Patrons for our Conference, Roxanne Missingham and Anne-Marie Schwirtlich
  • We also had a new committee member join, Welcome ! Margie Anderson, who is the Victorian Local Liason Officer – ALIA
  • We are using Flickr as our photos host site. Gem is our guru on Flickr. I myself find it a bit frustrating, but hope to learn more about it next year. I did manage to put the Flickr graphic onto our page.

BTW, some of this info comes from out News Page  and we also have an RSS Feed, which I am just starting to master !

I’m going to have a nice break over Xmas, all pumped and ready for more website edits in 2008 ! And I’ll also consider what other sorts of Web 2.0 technologies we can introduce to the site.

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Usual question ? What do you do? My answer, “I get paid to blog and search google.” It’s not really what I do all day, but some part of my work is submitting information to my library portal via a blog. BTW, we use wordpress.

Initially the blog started as a way for me to handle many emails I receive. So I categorised them on the blog in their subject heading and then by date order.  Recently I assed a “Research Request” area, where I can submit the questions I am asked and then the answers. This shows my national colleagues the sort of questions they can ask me and gives answers, just in case they are looking for similar information, which does happen.

Soon, staff can subscribe to the service by RSS, but we haven’t launched it yet. RSS will eliminate another job for me, and that is emailing the information I receive. Which will allow me to focus on more important work such as literature reviews.

So, enjoy the librarian trade, it can be lots of fun to get paid to search google and play with your work blog.

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Wiki good

At work we have been using a team wiki for close to two years and it’s proved to be a great workspace where information, passwords and procedures can be stored. I even co-wrote a conference paper with Iggy on our work wiki. It proved to be more effective than emailing each other a word document. Back and forth, back and forth…

Lately I have been using a wiki with about six other librarians who are trying to organise a special workshop in Melbourne in early 2008. It’s set up includes, topics are listed, with text then added or documents uploaded for ease of access and to facilitate sharing. I have encouraged the use of names, who uploaded what, for ease of reference to that person if something needs to be clarified later or to know who has made what suggestion. A small handy tip.

Since it’s logistically hard to get 7 very busy people together at the one time, I set up a wiki to get our thoughts and planning bedded down. What has been the success of the wiki? It’s proving to be a useful collaboration tool. It’s meant we can move forward with our work, at anytime we like, and then when we meet up, we can get on with the discussion, but then return to the wiki afterwards to make more notes. The wiki is proving to be a comprehensive listing of information, that is becoming richer by the day. Hence, it’s been wiki good !!

Does anyone have any examples of how they use a wiki?

It would be good to make a comment on my blog, as I think many people are still not sure of their use.

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Okay, small observation, but I seem to like doing this.

All of the NLS4 Team is blogging, see in my blog roll on the right for the links

  • Aus Library Technician
  • Ballarat Library Chick
  • Dunn and Wilson
  • Librarian Idol
  • Thoughts and Reflections
  • Totally Trevor
  • and of course, moi, Intech the Verve

This wasn’t deliberate, but what a great way to consolidate our thoughts and concentrate on areas in the profession we like. It will be good to see what we all focus on. Me, seems be education, students, NLS Website and photos and other mish mash. Oh, okay, the technology part seems to get me too.

It would be good if we could hook up all our blogs on the ONE page !! MMmmm, how could we do that. That would be interesting…thoughts anyone? Is it possible? I’d say it could be.

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Well, I came home from work on Friday, after a bit of a fun night on Thursday, glad to be home so I could catch up on some sleep but also do some of my other extra curricular activities, only to hit the house and find the house pump blew a gasket !! (literally). So that threw Friday night’s activities out the window where I had to go back to mans basic needs and attend to our water problem ! It’s lucky we didn’t lose the thousands of litres of water that’s in the tanks, so I presumed the blow out hadn’t happened long ago. I rang a plumber, who was obviously at the pub, and he patted me down by assuring me that I could do the job MYSELF !!! I was pretty cranky at womens lib issues at that time, as I thought, “here we go, now we have to do these jobs ourselves since we think we’re so independent”. Anyway, after much deliberation I rang a more obliging plumber who fixed my leaky pipes, but not till the next day and after considerable hours without water…

The good thing I taught myself this weekend, in a heartbeat, is podcasting. I am very impressed. I asked the guy at Dick Smith for a microphone to make podcasts, and since he was younger than me I thought he’d know what I was on about, anyway, he took me somewhere else in the store, and I said “I need a mike, like the one you sing into…”. He looked confused. So obviously he didn’t know about podcasting. Oh well. I got a super duper mike as I want to have good quality, came home and downloaded audacity, and then “testing testing” and it worked ! Hooray. This is easy and great. I am podcasting a launch on Monday night (details to come after Monday) where we will put the launch on the website. Plus, I also want to do a range of podcasting at work. Where else could it be used?? Gem suggested to tape our meetings for the NLS4 Conference, for those who can’t attend out meetings. What an awesome idea. And I’m sure there will be other uses…maybe those Karaoke nights (you want to forget) or any other fun you could benefit from it.

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