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Twister at Balliang

A few weeks ago there was a twister at Balliang , just out the back of the You Yangs, near where we live.

People in Little River, about 20 kilometers away reported hearing the sound of two gun shots at around 3pm that day, but they did not know the cause of it until they saw the Twister mentioned on the news that night.

My husband drives through that way now and then and has noticed a lot of small whirlies when he’s in the Balliang area, so it must be prone to that sort of wind activity, to the North of the You Yangs.

It makes a super picture and you can see the tinge of green returning to the country side, that I mentioned in an earlier post.

This twister did not make a rating on the Bureau of Meteorology’s twister rating/category/thingey, so it must have been under 100km/h or so.


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Sunset in the West

I have a fascination for sunsets, so you will be seeing some on this page..


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